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Manager:  Ped Razazi | info@levudallas.com817.673.8289


Address: 2505 Pacific Avenue Dallas, TX 75226



Levu Dallas Nightclub Leads the Best Nightclubs In Dallas TX in 2016

Levu Dallas is one of the best nightclubs in Dallas TX for dance music located on the edge of downtown at 2505 Pacific Avenue in between Hawkins St, across from the World Famous Lizard Lounge. This 5200 square foot dance club celebrated its 3 year anniversary on February 6th 2016. To break down this venue into a technical aspect, our 1000 square foot office is located on the same property next to the club, and is open during regular business hours during the week.

Levu Dallas operates one of the best nightclubs in Dallas TX from a technical standpoint on its interior. The DJ booth is the central focal point of the venue that is equipped with 4 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, 1 Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus, 1 Rane Serato Sl4, 1 Rane TTM 62, 1 Pioneer RMX 1000, and 1 Pioneer EFX 1000. Any dj out there would be happy to grace the decks on the equipment Levu Dallas offers.
Image of the interior of Levu Dallas featuring the brick wall VIP section.
As one of the best nightclubs in Dallas TX, we take pride in our set up. Our venue has a state-of-the art Madrix 3D lighting system with LED tubes that dangle over the dancefloor ceiling along with 10 moving heads by Martin Pro, plus (2) 3.5 watt lasers. There are also 4 co2 jets, and confetti cannon as additional entertainment elements to the venue. The sound system is nothing short of excellence at Levu Dallas. Among the best nightclubs in Dallas TX we offer a state-of-the –art sound system with 19 turbo sound subs. The set up on the dance floor pushes sound to the center of the floor from 4 corners of its parameter which create the perfect surround sound for the venue. As fas as video, the club is scattered with 65 inch, 52 inch, and 10 inch televisions that stream live video footage from previously held events.

As far as live music is concerned, we have some of the best resident djs playing various genres of electronic dance music. Resident Djs at Levu Dallas have worked in the best nightclubs in Dallas TX for years that include Matt Lamb, Mishal Niak and Solomon who deliver the beats all for opening and closing performances for some of the best talent in the world on a consistent basis.

We have an incredible staff who operates our venue that is made up of 6 bartenders, 6 cocktail waitresses, 6 porters, 4 security guards, 2 door hosts, 3 djs,3 go go dancers, 1 lighting tech, 1 fire girl, and 1 aerialist. Levu Dallas is one of the best nightclubs in Dallas TX for VIP memberships for your personal or corporate needs, and allows you to rent its facility space for private events for gatherings such as annual celebrations.
Image of one of the best nightclubs in Dallas featuring the Vip section to the left of the DJ booth at Levu.
On special occasions, our venue will throw block party events to increase the capacity size by setting up a private tent that connects the gap space between to the club and the office space at Levu Dallas. The best nightclubs in Dallas TX give you a reason to come out and celebrate and that’s why we throw monthly theme parties where the bartenders and cocktails dress up in outfits that fit the theme of the occasion. Also on occasion you might run in to team member of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, as well as the Texas Rangers who just recently rented out the venue for their annual Xmas party. Feel free to contact any of the staff members at Levu Dallas for VIP services at one of the best nightclubs in Dallas TX that stands strong after 3 years by email, or by phone at 214.821.2505.